About Sputnic

My name is actually Nic, but my friends call me Sputnic. Just kidding, not many people actually call me Sputnic unless they’re trying to distinguish me from other Nics in the vicinity. I have a lot of random hobbies, and by trade, I’m trained as an astrophysicist (hence the name Sputnic) - but in reality I’m more of a software developer and data scientist. My heroes are Carl Sagan, and Anne Druyan. At a young age they turned me on to the deep ideas explored in astronomy and the meaning of it all. But I digress…

I like to take photos of stuff - particularly the night sky. It’s why I bought my camera in the first place. Lately, however, I’ve been trying to put an emphasis on daytime photography - or, as the rest of the world calls it, photography. You can check me out on instagram as @nannauman - I’ve posted lots of random stuff there including my astrophotography.

I also really like to play music. I play guitar, banjo, piano, saxophone, and am learning the bagpipes.

I also do a menagerie of other activities - I grew up sailing around BC’s west coast. I feel at home on the water, at anchor, or in a marina.

For my more nerdy side, I’m pretty dang interested in machine learning and deep learning, and am constantly trying to think of new applications for it in the world - particularly ones that might help make people less afraid of it and more excited by it. There are some projects I’m keen on developing regarding conservation of marine mammals, weather pattern analysis, and some other ideas floating around. I have no idea if they will work.