01 Nov 2018

Creative Minds of Penghu

Attending the attention to detail...

Chang Yu-sheng was an extremely famous Taiwanese singer/songwriters who was born in an extremely quaint area of Magong overlooking Penghu Bay. This is a hotspot for tourism in Taiwan, and the attention to design and aesthetics here looked like one big Pinterest post. Our tour guide, Sandy, actually was born and raised in this area, and she gave us a personal and up close account of her time in the area.

Taiwan has a complicated history, and was under Japanese rule from 1895 to 1945, not to mention a complicated (and current) relationship with mainland China. This mixing of Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese culture is prevalent in the architecture and design of certain areas - where more rural regions of Penghu and Taiwan looked traditionally Taiwanese (such as Miaoli), areas of the cities looked more Chinese, and areas of Magong - like where Chang Yu-sheng and Sandy lived - were distinctly Japanese. It’s hard name the differences exactly, but it is obvious when you’re actually standing in a location, looking at the weathered wood door converted to a planter, or the intricate designs of a wooden heart. The contrast of colors was also quite distinct, and the care and detail was consistently appealing.

An intricate and perfectly symmetric heart mounted on a concrete wall in a Japanese corridor of Magong.

And the best part… Frozen yogurt van! In english!